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Spring Is Coming – It’s Time to Refresh Your Home

Spring is a season that paves in light, love, energy, and life in the world. It is a symbol of newness and freshness in our lives. It is the perfect time to make some décor changes in our home and let in the light and the energy. A bedroom is a great place to start with the changes and transform it into a little heaven on earth.

Accent your walls

Repainting bedroom walls is an excellent start to sprucing the bedroom for spring. Repaint the walls with brighter and welcoming colors that create an illusion of light and space in the room. Wallpapers are also an excellent idea. They have bright and colorful prints that nurture elegance and ambiance in the room when installed professionally.

Bring the plants inside

Getting plants for the bedroom brings life and color to your room. You can purchase some plants from the stores or the market and combine them with fresh, colorful flowers. Place them strategically at different room points to brighten up places and bring the spring bloom into the room.

Change your décor ornaments

Décor ornaments are great additions to your surfaces in different rooms to freshen up the room’s appearance. Select colorful decorations for the bedroom, including décor for the bedside table. There are various embroidered felt ornaments, crotchet flower ornaments that you can add to your bedroom. The same additions can be placed in other places, including kitchen surfaces.

Reduce clutter

Baskets and shelves are a unique way of reducing clutter in your room. Use baskets to store your stuffed animals, dog toys, and other items lying around. A shelve painted with a unique bright color to match the room is an excellent tool for the organization to keep your shoes, books, and other small items. The organization creates more space for relaxation in the room.

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A Guide to Plywood In Interior Design

Plywood features in interior design in a variety of ways. It’s possible to integrate it into furniture, the ceiling, and even into the walls.

While some homeowners prefer to enjoy the aesthetic appeal of bare plywood, others would rather have it painted.

Bare plywood in interior design gives the room a cozy and natural vibe. It ends up getting paired with neutral colors like black, white, and grey in many cases.

The pairing assists in giving the room a contemporary and modern twist. Versatility is among the top reasons why plywood is used in home interior décor.

Some of the ways to use plywood in interior design include:


A major trend in interior design involves using bare or finished concrete in a house. It’s a trend that’s meant to give the home’s interior a rustic industrial feel.

Homeowners can take this look to a whole new level by pairing it with plywood. The pairing provides an exciting contrast by incorporating a little bit of nature and urbanization.

The result of this blend is an aesthetic that’s likely to elude visitors to the residence. Keen visitors will realize that the owners wanted to keep things simple without going for the bare minimum.

Designers have over the years come up with creative ways to use plywood in interior design, as shown here


Shelving units made from plywood are not only modern but also stylish. Additionally, the shelves are great space savers.

Utilizing smart storage in apartments having limited spaces is important when it comes to making use of the available floor area.

Apart from holding books, the shelves can also hold plants, figurine collections, and picture frames.


Incorporating plywood in headboards is a minimalist concept that creates a cozy atmosphere in the sleeping area.

The sheet’s natural light wooden finish guarantees that the headboard will be the first thing anyone entering the bedroom gets to notice.

Alternatively, one can also opt to go with a fabric cover or to have the headboard painted.

Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners are attuned to the fact that kitchen cabinets don’t come cheap. Some of the factors that affect their pricing include customization, materials used, installation, and replacement.

Using plywood can assist in drastically reducing their prices. Plywood is water-resistant and cheaper than wood, making it the best option.

Furthermore, layering the plywood when constructing the kitchen cabinets ensures that it won’t shrink.

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